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2019 Sightings

Autumn Migration

27th October 2019 (Peter Bangs)
Dersingham, Norfolk
A ring ouzel visited my small garden in Dersingham, Norfolk, 3kms east of RSPB Snettisham (Grid Ref (TF 683303) on Sunday 27/10/2019. It perched for a while in a rowan tree then fed on fallen rowan berries on the lawn. The white crescent was very clear and almost all the other feathers were strongly white-fringed, making me wonder if it was an "alpestris" subspecies, rather than the nominate form, though I do realise that would be very unusual in the UK. I do have photos which I could send if that would be of any help.
A similar individual also visited on the previous day, but the weather was too wet and dark for photos.

22nd October 2019 (Janet Wilkes)
Cissbury Ring, West Sussex
22nd October a late Mid Morning visit produce 2 Ouzels Male and Female. Busy Chacking ,diving into the bushes feeding up and showing well on occasions nr the Yew Tree They appeared to be very quiet hiding themselves in the dense shrubbery mid day ish in preparation for the journey south that evening. I left them to it after 2 hours. The berries are now very depleted.
Ouzels seem to have been recorded most days at at Cissbury sometimes groups of 6. The S0S Walk on 20th October produced a group of 6. Sadly a predated Ouzel was found during this walk.
East Sussex- Shooters Bottom Beachy Head. Ouzels recorded here daily during the last two weeks. Perhaps more people are recording here.

19th October 2019 (Janet Wilkes)
Cissbury Ring, West Sussex
6 Ouzels chacking and feeding on the berries Nr the Metal fenced Yew Tree. A very skittish group diving into the bushes. Impossible to focus bins on them. Although they were flying over my head.
Later in the morning during a brief sunny period 3 Ouzels, Male, Female and Juvenile flew in from the North and showed very well on the Yew Tree. The Male at the top of Yew. He was a stunner. They were with 3 Mistle Thrushes. These 3 all showed well . So a total of 9 Ouzels recorded during a 4 hour period on site. Only 3 other birders onsite.

19th October 2019 (Peter Brian Shimell)
St Margarets Bay, Kent
Eating red berries from tree opposite. Male bird. St Margarets bay Ct156eb

17th October 2019 (Neil Coulson)
Langdon Cliffs,Dover
7 Ring Ouzels at Langdon Cliffs,Dover. Mostly males

17th October 2019 (Diane Brown)
Corby Northants
A ring ouzel sat in our garden fo r several hours then flew off . We think it may have hit a window and stunned itself . It just stayed very quiet and moved under cover . I do have some photos .
We live in a small village called Weldon just outside Corby Northants.

13th October 2019 (Robert Marshall)
Guildford Surrey
Sunday 13th October at 17.30hours. In my garden Saffron Platt, Guildford Surrey, GU2 9XX SU9836 5220 Easting 498363 Northing 152206. Definite white crescent on upper chest. Dark brown with fringing of white on wing feathers. Convinced larger than usual blackbirds we get. Stayed in the garden for around 3 minutes may have been there before. Flew up into neighbours silver birch and was obscured by leaves on branches. I believe it was a female.

13th October 2019 (Alastair Gray)
Ashdown Forest, East Sussex
One Ring Ouzel present at Old Lodge,Ashdown Forest,East Sussex On 13/10/19 Age/Sex unknown seen by @crowboroughbirder.

12th October 2019 (Derek Hale)
Culver Down, Isle of Wight
Male. Culver Down. Grid Reference SZ627856
Right Leg ring colours. Green/White
Left Leg ring colours. White/Blue
Two photos showing the coloured rings taken by Derek are HERE.

A reply from Innes Sim:
Many thanks for sending through these photographs of a colour ringed ring ouzel. This bird (G/W M/BL) was ringed as a nestling from a brood of 4 in Glen Clunie, near Braemar, Aberdeenshire on 29 May 2019. Anthony, who ringed this bird, sexed it as a male due to the feathers on the back of the neck being black, as opposed to brown which would have indicated a female. And from your photographs the bird does appear to be a male.
We have been ringing ring ouzels in Glen Clunie for 22 years now but rarely get sightings outside the glen. So, great to see that this bird has left the glen on its journey south to its likely wintering area in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
Again, many thanks for this really interesting sighting!

12th October 2019 (Kevin Bell)
Brampton Cumbria
Eating rowan berries in a communal garden , Wilson Homes , Brampton Cumbria . 12/10/20.

10th October 2019 (Alastair Gray)
Ashdown Forest, East Sussex
2 Ring Ouzels Seen At Old Lodge,Ashdown Forest 10/10/19 by Drew Young. Age/Sex unknown.

10th October 2019 (Janet Wilkes)
Cissbury Ring, West Sussex
2 Female Ouzels Chacking and foraging around the scrub near the iron fenced Yew Tree at Cissbury.
Later 1 Female and 2 Juv flew in from the North. All this activity Mid Morning 10th October after a birdless 2 hours of hanging around
listening for Chacking sounds. Where are all the Males? These Ouzels also seen by other Sussex Birders one of whom had never seen or heard Ouzels before. A good first experience for him.

10th October 2019 (Kirsty Park)
Ben Loyal, Sutherland
We saw a group of 8 ring ouzel at the very top of Ben Loyal today (10/10/2019) - ID confirmed hearing calls and one was seen with a distinct white collar. NC580500

10th October 2019 (Bryan Pinchen)
Worth Matravers, Dorset
Single first winter male, 09 October 2019.
Sighting at Worth Matravers, Dorset SY975773, 11.05-11.15 BST. It was in a group of nine male and two female Blackbirds and a single Song Thrush. They were all rather flighty and would spend a few moments grabbing Hawthorn berries from a large bush, before heading into an area of bramble along a fence line about twenty yards away. After a few moments in the bramble they would head back to the Hawthorn to grab berries again. This activity was repeated over the time of the sighting, until something in the garden with the Hawthorn spooked them and they headed away out of sight.
Weather was overcast, blustery SW wind F3-4, temperature around 16oC.
I would also like to put on record my thanks for the way you operate this group. I've submitted records before and have always been impressed by your replies and the time you take with them. Having submitted sightings to other groups who are funded to the eye teeth and rarely (and in some cases never) even send an auto reply what you do encourages me to continue letting you know when I see an Ouzel. Well done and keep up the excellent work.

9th October 2019 (Ian Hyder)
Benfleet, Essex
1st ever sighting in my life and I named the bird immediately. 13:30 hours in my back garden. It was there for about 3 minutes 9th October 2019. At post code SS7 3EU. Very timid bird and flew off as I lifted up my camera.

8th October 2019 (Alastair Gray)
Ashdown Forest, East Sussex
Adult Male Ring Ouzel in Yew Tree at Old Lodge, Ashdown Forest,East Sussex. 08/10/19.(TQ461310).

6th October 2019 (John Connell)
Seil Loch, Oban
Seen on Seil Island at Seil Loch approx. 12 miles south of Oban. 2.10pn 6th October 2019

30th September 2019 (Alastair Gray)
Ashdown Forest, East Sussex
Ring Ouzel in Large Yew Tree at Old Lodge,Ashdown Forest,East Sussex on 30/09/19. Day earlier then last Autumns first sighting here.

8th September 2019 (Thomas Riley)
Torridon, Wester Ross
07/09/2019 - Two walkers told me that they had seen two female/juvenile Ring Ouzels near the eastern munro summit of Liathach mountain in Torridon, Wester Ross, NW Scotland. I immediately heard the alarm calling.
08/09/2019 - I was informed by a hillwalker that two juvenile Ring Ouzels had been seen near the western munro summit of Liathach mountain.

I assume these birds were probably the same individuals and are either passage migrants, or, more likely, proof of successful breeding in the area.

Spring/Summer Breeding

24th August 2019 (Mark Huxley)
Pendle Hill Lancashire
One spotted towards the summit of Pendle Hill Lancashire on the 24/08/19 @ 10.30am. Healthy looking bird. Greyer in colour overall.

14th July 2019 (Pam Williams)
Delamere, Cheshire
In the last few days i have seen a Ringed Ouzel in the Delamere area of Cheshire. Was very excited as I didn't expect to see it here.

8th July 2019 (Brian Young)
Loch Tay, Perthshire
Meall nan Tarmachan, near Loch Tay. 08/07/19

6th July 2019 (Jackie Carson)
Forcan Ridge, Kintail
Sighting on Saturday 6th July. Grid reference NG938127 below the Forcan Ridge in Kintail. I didn't actually see the bird but could hear it calling above me in the rocks below the main ridge.

5th July 2019 (Sandra Johnson)
Rudyard Staffordshire
In my garden Rudyard Staffordshire St13 8PS

30th June 2019 (Yara Shennan-Farpůn)
Kinder Scout,Peak District
Sighted on the path up towards Kinder Scout in the western Peak District NP on Sunday 30th June 2019, on heather, and displaying warning calls. We think it is a male. Viewed from the path, looking left over the stream towards the opposite bank

30th June 2019 (Karen Gilmore)
Breamar, Scotland
Seen a pair of ring ouzel near the shores of Loch Callater, near Breamar, Scotland

29th June 2019 (David Godfrey)
Wastwater, Cumbria
Three birds seen between Whin Rig and Illgill in Cumbria along the edge of crags (Broken Rib area) above Wastwater and the screes. Photo available if required.
NY 16009 04549 approx grid reference
29th June @14.15

27th June 2019 (Meg Stark)
Gunnerside Gill, Swaledale
NY 938 022 Saturday 22nd June 2019
Male (hunting for food?) on the ground near the gill.

23rd June 2019 (Shannon Llewellyn)
White Edge Moor, Derbyshire
White Edge Moor, Longshaw Estate, Derbyshire, 53.301245, -1.603494 (approx). Adult male and juvenile (possible second male nearby, but likelihood same bird); also remains of predated second juvenile (handful of feathers, some still not completely unsheathed; one collected if photograph is required)

23rd June 2019 (William ROSS)
Seen near Loch Lee on way to Hunt Hill, Angus glens. Distinctive male call.

23rd June 2019 (Robert Hannam)
Whitestone Cleuch, Mennock Pass
Midday. PAIR seen Whitestone Cleuch, off Mennock Pass road B797. NS 876110.
First female for me this year.

22nd June 2019 (Meg Stark)
Keld, Swaledale
Swaledale NY 928 013 Saturday 22nd June 2019
Male flew right over my head while I was walking along the track from West to East. Making a bee-line for the next sighting at NY 933 013, old mine workings. Saw the back of a female disappearing plus the male visible. Further down the workings both birds were quite agitated by my presence near a crag. Nest or young?

22nd June 2019 (Meg Stark)
Keld, Swaledale
Swinner Gill (Between Muker and Keld, Swaledale) NY 911 008 Saturday 22nd June 2019
Juvenile, flew off up the gill.

21st June 2019 (Jennie Gavin)
Loch Turret, Perthshire
Definitely one, possibly 3 sighted alongside loch turret. Grid ref 56.4192174 - 3.9130945. 21/6/19.

19th June 2019 (Denzil Longland)
Northern Cumbria
Ring Ouzel seen and watched not far from the summit of Bakestall in the Northern Cumbria fells. This was around 12.15 yesterday June 19th.

12th June 2019 (Anthony G Rae)
Loch Shin, Sutherland
Ring Ousel seen feeding on the lawn at Corriekinloch cottage to the north of Loch Shin, Sutherland, Northwest Scotland. Seen on at least 2 days while I was on a fishing holiday. Lovely bird, looked in really good condition and suspect it has its home nearby.

12th June 2019 (Peter Wilkinson)
Inchnadamph, NW Highlands
Individual feeding amongst thin covering of bracken on Inchnadamph cave track NW Highlands, OS Sheet 15 268212, 1300 hrs 12 June 2019

11th June 2019 (B Clements)
Cawfields quarry crags, Hadrians wall
At cawfields quarry crags (Hadrians wall) on high rocks after turret sighted 2 birds flying and perching on rocks.Possibly female or juvenile as did not see white collar but were black and scaly looking watched them for 10minutes

10th June 2019 (Tom Williams)
Blaenau Ffestiniog
Male and female seen together, female seen on nest made on a ledge within a cave in the old quarry. Nest contained 4 eggs on 5th and 10th of June

9th June 2019 (Martin Haynes)
Peak District, Derbyshire
1 ring ouzel, between Blackclough and Cheeks Hill, Axe Edge Moor

6th June 2019 (Gareth Owen)
Diffwys, southern Snowdonia
On 6/6/19 on a crag just northwest of the Diffwys trig point in southern Snowdonia. Male sighted agitated presumably due to next being nearby

4th June 2019 (Ian White)
Inchnadamph, Sutherland
Allt nan Uamh, Inchnadamph - NC 260 175
A pair moving down the valley - spotted while we were walking up to look at specialist plants on the Durness Limestone outcrops near the bone caves.

1st June 2019 (Nick White)
Seen on the outfield at Radyr Cricket Club near Cardiff on 1st June 2019.

1st June 2019 (Pete Curran)
Noth Yorkshire Moors
Managed these superb shots today on the Yorkshire moors. I first found this bird 4 years ago. She returns to the Same area each year. This year she built a nest in exactly the same spot as last year. She is unbelievable approachable for an Ouzel and I feel so privileged to of got these shots feel free to share.
View these magnificent photos HERE

1st June 2019 (Robert Hannam)
Mennock Pass, Dumfries and Galloway
1/6/19. 8.30am. Male seen singing, perched on post, Glenim, high up slope on the right walking up the glen, 300-400 metres from the B797 Mennock Pass road. NS840093.

27th May 2019 (Sara Bottomley)
Everleigh, Wiltshire
Seen in orchard of my garden in Everleigh, Wiltshire. Approx 6.45 in the morning.

26th May 2019 (Rob Jones)
Langdale, Cumbria
Pavey arc, langdale, Cumbria. Just at the start of jacks rake. At least 1 pair.
May 26th 2019 1500hrs. NY 285 079

22nd May 2019 (Tony Farren)
Coniston, Cumbria
Around midday. Above Coniston Copper Mines valley, Cumbria, going up (near top of) path from Levers Water to Levers Hause. Heard an alarm "chack-chack", looked up to see this very handsome male Ring Ouzel. Watched him for 2 -3 minutes. Only our fourth sighting in 32 years of fell-walking.

21st May 2019 (Gordon Patterson)
Glen Etive
Beinn Starav by Glen Etive, near the top. male ring ouzel singing on 21/5/19. Sheet 50, GR127430

21st May 2019 (Chris Harvey)
Spotted male leaving a rocky area with lots of bilberry bushes, under White Edge moor, south of White Edge lodge next to public bridleway, Derbyshire.
I looked where the male flew out and there was a female sitting on a nest. Made a hasty retreat!

19th May 2019 (Charles Olorenshaw)
Stratford St. Mary, Suffolk
Suffolk/Essex border. 1 Ring Ouzel feeding in a flower bed at Stratford St. Mary next to the River Stour.

19th May 2019 (Nicola Powell)
Filey Yorkshire
Spotted 18th May and again today on spruce ridge at blue dolphin holiday park in Filey Yorkshire. I managed two bad pictures and shared with a local wild life group where someone recommended I sent the sighting in to rspb where I found your link

18th May 2019 (Jackie Carson)
Kentmere, Lake District
Two spotted on east side of Ill Bell in Kentmere on Saturday 18th May. Lots of calls so possibly a third bird present

17th May 2019 (Bill Harker)
Swaledale, North Yorkshire
Heard first and then seen two, in flight, in Gunnerside Gill, Swaledale, North Yorkshire at GR NY 93940 02607

16th May 2019 (Karen Sims & John Towers)
Hoccombe Combe
We had a pair of Ring Ouzel at SS778434 above Hoccombe Combe. Male and female.
We also had a male, he looked darker and his band was whiter so we say a different male at SS776456. This was in Lank Combe.

16th May 2019 (Jennie Gavin)
Beinn Ghlas, Scotland
1 Ring Ouzel seen on descent from Ben Lawers, just at the foothills of Beinn Ghlas. Approx grid ref. 56.5445634, -4.2239578.

13th May 2019 (Rob Hannam)
Mennock Pass, Dumfries and Galloway
Male singing at the top of a tall conifer in Wanlockhead village - 7.30am.
Neighbours have seen a PAIR at the bottom of the village, on the slopes past the Beam Engine.
Not much happening down the Mennock Pass recently.

14th May 2019 (Robert Dawson)
Blencathra Cumbria
At least 1 possibly 2 singing from Doddick Fell Blencathra Cumbria NY3327 on the evening of 14/5/19. Alarm call also heard once but all distant and bird(s) not seen.

12th May 2019 (Timothy Rowley)
Single male Ring Ouzel gathering food in the field by the Chimney at Dane Bower Quarry in Cheshire, 12 May 2019 14:00
Latitude\Longitude: 53.22639 , -1.98502
Grid Reference: SK0169
Easting: 401097. Northing: 369927

12th May 2019 (Phil Tinning)
Deepdale, Lake District
Below Greenhow End. Deepdale in Lake District
11th and 12th May 2019

10th May 2019 (Claire Edwards)
Chipping Warden, Northants
Male Ring Ouzel spotted on A361 between Chipping Warden and Byfield. Had distinctive silvery wing marking. I feel thrilled and very privileged to have seen one.

8th May 2019 (Katrina Mainland)
Sitting on a grassy area on a private road at the top of the Lyde Road. Grid Ref. HY35922. Today, Wed. 8th May '19 at 10.45. Disturbed by the vehicle in front of me, it flew off in a S. Easterly direction.

7th May 2019 (Chris Grocott)
Diss, Norfolk
Seen in a large garden in the middle of Diss, Norfolk

7th May 2019 (Carola M H Parkes)
Gower, South Wales
I saw a Ring Ouzel early this morning - the first time I have seen one on Gower (South Wales). It closely resembled a blackbird except for the very distinctive white collar.

6th May 2019 (Paul Fenner)
Keld North Yorkshire
Spotted a pair of ringed ouzels yesterday 6 th May
They were in East Grain which is off Swiner Gilll, Keld North Yorkshire

6th May 2019 (Marged Pendrell)
Llan Ffestiniog, Gwynedd
On the Quarry cliffs of the Old Cwt y Bugal quarry,behind Manod Mawr ,Llan Ffestiniog, Gwynedd

1st May 2019 (Viviane Spicer)
Newton Abbot, Devon
Young male in garden on bird table that also has meal worms on it.
South Devon, East of Totnes towards Newton Abbot.
Rural setting.

Early arrivals

30th April 2019 (Gordon Patterson)
Pentland hills, Edinburgh
Male singing GR 186619 0S SHEET66.

30th April 2019 (Ian Johnson)
Saw a pair of Ouzels beside the footpath about half a mile from the car park at Burbage, on Ringinglow Road, Sheffield at 3.42 pm, 30th April.

28th April 2019 (Michael Smith)
Little Langdale, Lake District
Grid Ref NY 28069 02366
On the Greenburn side of Wet Side Edge in the Tilberthwaite Fells, Little Langdale in the Lake District.
Single bird calling. Heard and seen clearly. Photograph taken but of poor quality but sufficient to confirm the identification.

28th April 2019 (Paul & Helene Heyes)
Male Ring Ouzel clearly seen by the entrance to Kingsbridge Caravan Park, Llanfaes, nr Beaumaris, Anglesey at about 11am Sunday 28th April 2019. He was looking for food at the edge of the road/ grassy verge.
A previous suspected sighting earlier in the week on Kingsbridge Caravan Park was confirmed by this clear sighting.

27th April 2019 (Tamsyn Steadwood)
Wye, Kent
Spotted from my car whilst waiting at the railway crossing. On the grass by the pavement before heading into the hedgerow.

27th April 2019 (Tony Syred)
Ringwood, Hants
Ringwood forest close to Bournemouth airport

26th April 2019 (Stephen Kay)
Two males on Anglesey in small wooded area next to Llyn y Fydlyn on north west coast

26th April 2019 (Malcolm Woor)
Elmsett Suffolk
Top end of Flowton Road Elmsett Suffolk 26 April 2019

25th April 2019 (Ernie Thompson)
Wintringham and Scampston, North Yorkshire
Solitary male feeding on open pasture adjacent to our garden between Wintringham and Scampston (North Yorkshire) for the last three days for several hours each day. Grid Ref. SE 872743

24th April 2019 (Phil Bull)
Roehampton, London
Male from 13:00 to 13:20. Froebel college playing field
(51.4561811, -0.2490951)

24th April 2019 (Gail Doddy)
Withernsea, East Yorkshire
I saw 6 ring ouzels at Willows Caravan Park, Withernsea, East Yorkshire. HU19 2PN

23rd April 2019 (Roger Wilkinson)
Roseberry Topping, North Yorks
16 of the blighters on Roseberry Topping today if you're still keeping score

23rd April 2019 (Richard Lynes)
Cilcain reservoirs, Flintshire
3 Ring Ouzel above Cilcain reservoirs.Sighted briefly and in flight on 16th April 2019. A further sighting below The lower reservoir on 23rd April . A single male

23rd April 2019 (Jane Cooper)
Male seen in our field foraging for about 10 minutes. Picked up what looked like a worm.
I've got some photos of him if you want.

23rd April 2019 (Mrs Gwenneth Maryan)
Snettisham, Norfolk
Sighed a Ring Ouzel on the field by the entrance to RSPB sight at Snettisham on Saturday 20th April.

22nd April 2019 (David Lorimer)
Alnwick , Northumberland
On the wall surrounding Hulne Park , Alnwick , Northumberland,right next to the golf ball at the NATO Base Brizlee Wood , this is a heather moor land

22nd April 2019 (Carol Wyer)
Blithfield reservoir, South Staffs
Ring Ouzel spotted in my garden near Blithfield reservoir on Saturday 13.46 hrs feeding alongside jackdaws and blackbirds.
Grid reference : SK065259

21st April 2019 (Philip Causer)
Dover Kent
I was walking on Langdon Cliff Dover Kent. In a more remote area of bushes and scrubland near the coastguard station I saw a male Ring Ouzel hopping around. I watched it for several minutes before it hopped off into the bushes. I will go back to the area within the next few days to see if its still around.

21st April 2019 (Trish Phillips)
Ottery St. Mary Devon
Two Birds on Telegraph wires. rested a while then flew east. 09.48. 21st April.

21st April 2019 (Chris Smith)
Croydon in South London
Ring Ouzel sighted (and photographed) in South Norwood country park near Croydon in South London this morning ( Easter Sunday) Photos available on request.

20th April 2019 (Lyndsay Robertson)
Glen Shiel
Saw 2 Ring Ouzels below the summit of a Munro called Carn Ghluasaid in Glen Shiel, near the end of Loch Cluanie on 20/4/19

19th April 2019 (Neil Fraser)
South Yorkshire
Single female ring ouzel on lawn of rural garden normally frequented by blackbirds. In close proximity to a flock of about 35 fieldfare in adjacent field. Terrain locally is rolling permanent pasture, drystone walls and occasional trees. 400m above sea level . Presumably on passage as I have not seen one here before . South Yorkshire 5 miles to Peak District S36 post code

18th April 2019 (Terry Gardner)
Ryton Pools Warwickshire
2 Ring Ouzels seen feeding in middle feild at 2:00pm at Ryton Pools Warwickshire.

18th April 2019 (Phil Moss)
Mynydd Mawr, Llanelli
Single male spotted in trees at Mynydd Mawr woodland park, Tumble SA14

18th April 2019 (Jonathan Steer)
Loddon, Norwich
Time 13.30, date 18/04/2019 location 52 32 09 N, 01 29 25 E
Foraging under ash tree at bottom of garden. Not sure if male or female, looked quite dark.

18th April 2019 (Sally Willoughby)
Beeston Nottingham
Seen in garden in Beeston Nottingham

17th April 2019 (Keely Crane)
Ipswich, Suffolk
A make ring ouzel spotted in my village garden to the north west of Ipswich, Suffolk. Iíd never heard of one before, but my son looked it up, as the markings were too symmetrical to be a blackbird with the odd white feathers. It also had the pale touches to edges of wings.
Was feeding on berries.

17th April 2019 (David Maris)
Blakeney Norfolk
On lawn of our house in Blakeney Norfolk 16th April

16th April 2019 (Mark Gully)
Loch Callater, Cairngorms
Whilst out hiking in the Cairngorms I was going up Glen Callater towards Loch Callater when I saw a male Ring ouzel sat on top of a bush. I observed it for approx 2 minutes before it flew higher up the slopes of the glen.

15th April 2019 (Anne Dawson)
South East London
Ring Ouzel seen in our back garden yesterday - 15/04/2019 - in south east London: SE12 0HZ

15th April 2019 (Peter Webb)
Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire
Myself and my partner saw one this morning on our lawn. Really hard to believe but itís unmistakable white throat . Definitely NOT a blackbird . Sighting in Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire. SN7 7NG. Is it unusual to see them in non-mountainous areas of the UK?

14th April 2019 (james austrums)
Crickhowell, Powys
Llangattock escarpment near Crickhowell OS Gridref SO204154
I saw one male and then 10 minutes later a pair. Not certain if the males were the same individual of course. I've been back twice since and not seen any more so perhaps they were on the move.

13th April 2019 (Meg Stark)
Swaledale, North Yorks
Location: Gunnerside Gill, Swaledale, NY 93976 01014
One pair of Ring Ouzels, running about on the hillside

11th April 2019 (Nick and Alison Blinston)
Edale Valley, Derbyshire
Female seen at SK129862, Ollerbrook Valley, Edale Valley at 08:55 on 11/04/2019. Heard rattling, flew over and seen perched on rock.

11th April 2019 (Paul Bowers)
Epping, Essex
It was on 11/4/2019 in epping uplands in Essex. Took a photo through a telescope it was about 6.45 in the evening. It was in the top of the hedge

11th April 2019 (Jim Gray)
Cairngorm, Scotland
Cairngorm upper ski centre car park at exit on way out .only one male calling 11th april at 6.30pm

10th April 2019 (Mark Barnett)
Braemar, Aberdeenshire
Male singing on lower slopes of Sgur Mor, Glen Baddoch Braemar, Aberdeenshire. 8/4/2019 1900hrs. Again on 10/4/2019 1800hrs

10th April 2019 (E Ashcroft)
Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria
Single ring ouzel sighted early morning on short, rough grass for several minutes in the farm garden at Banksgate Farm, North Stainmore, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria (North Pennines) at 1,091 feet above sea level. Last sighting was in 2001 when a pair nested on the farm.

8th April 2019 (MR Robin Bailey)
Hell Gill Pike, Lake District
2 Ring Ouzels sighted after descending from Hell Gill Pike on Sunday 7th April at approx. 15:00Hrs. Seen on the lower slope of Wet Side Edge above Greenburn Beck (north of Wetherlam) in the Lake District
Grid Ref NY 274 021

8th April 2019 (Pete Martin)
Peterborough, Cambs
In Orton Goldhay Peterborough. 100% sure this is the correct Identity of a ring ouzel.

8th April 2019 (Steve Konarski)
Manor Park, Runcorn
Saw a pair on our works lawn (ALIAS LTD, 1 stuart road, manor park, WA7 1TS)- on and off throughout the day -8thApril 1019, have a couple of pictures

7th April 2019 (Karin Snellock)
Maiden Castle, Dorset
Seen this afternoon on Maiden castle, Dorset. Iíve never seen one before but it was sitting in a bush and unmistakable.

5th April 2019 (John Brendan Ryan)
Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland
Solitary ring ouzle on a stone below dunstanburgh castle good light , clear view for about 30 secs. confirmed by my wife also present

5th April 2019 (Matt Higgins)
Stanage/Burbage, Derbyshire
Please to report sightings of Ring Ouzel in the Stanage/Burbage area of Derbyshire this week.
On 1st April we we 95% sure that we saw five Ring Ouzel on the high rocks on Burbage, flying around the edge and landing briefly. They landed fleetingly and we caught glimpses of them through binoculars making identification likely.
Today (5th April) we are 100% sure that we saw a male Ring Ouzel below the Burbage end of Stanage Edge. He rested on a rock for a good 10 minutes while we watched him, making identification certain.

2nd April 2019 (Howard Arends)
Moore Nature Reserve, Lancs
Male Ring Ouzel seen at Moore Nature Reserve on the dog walking field at
8.50 a.m. seen again at same location approx. 11.30.

1st April 2019 (Louise Baddeley)
Coniston Fells, Cumbria
Male alarm calling from top of Grey Crag, on Coniston Fells just below Levers Water Reservoir

1st April 2019 (Sue Corder)
Mersea Island
Mersea Island Essex in cross lane

1st April 2019 (Rob Hannam)
Mennock Pass, Dumfries & Galloway
Yesterday's male singing in the same tree, and a SECOND male higher up the Mennock Pass, high up the slopes of Middle Moor, hopping around and chattering - no singing. NS867104.

31st March 2019 (James Anderson)
Weardale, Co. Durham
Male Ring Ouzel in a tree in an upland garden, confirmed with photo
Location upper Weardale, Co. Durham in a known breeding location

31st March 2019 (Rob Hannam)
Mennock Pass, Dumfries & Galloway
31/3/19. 7.00am. Male singing from tree, near Starn Capel Nook, Mennock Pass, Dumfries & Galloway.

24th March 2019 (David Taylor)
Dungeness Kent
24th March Dungerness Romney Marsh Kent female

20th March 2019 (Margaret Feetham)
Swaledale, North Yorks
Saw Ring Ouzel at The Peat Store, Old Gang Beck, nr Reeth, Swaledale on 20th March 2019. Grid Ref: North 50 degrees 24.06 minutes ; West 2 degrees 2.569 minutes. Upland Valley in grouse moor

20th March 2019 (Kim Leyland)
Stanage Derbyshire
First Ring Ouzel back at Stanage today! A couple of days earlier than the last few years I think. Not seen any other reports from anywhere yet.


Winter sightings (2018/2019)

29th January 2019 (Ian Tomlinson)
Penistone, Sheffield
Almost certain I saw a ring ouzel in my garden both yesterday and today.
Post code S36 6DE, Grid Ref: SE245033. The time of the sightings on both days were similar i.e 1.00pm-2.00pm.

5th January 2019 (Jago Jenkin - age 12)
Bodnant (National Trust, North Wales)
Male ring ouzel potted at Bodnant (national trust, north Wales) at 2.30 on 5 January. Surprised because they are normally summer visitors but we got a very good view so no doubt.

24th December 2018 (Peter Craig)
Milngavie, Glasgow
Female Ring Ouzel feeding on seed in back garden. She has been here for about 4 days now.

20th December 2018 (Mike Oldridge)
Hillingdon, London
20th Dec 2018, in trees by a meadow next to the Grand Union Canal

16th December 2018 (Ewan Zerafa Gregory)
I am from the Maltese islands and just today morning, I saw a ring ouzel on migration flying and landing in a nearby valley with dense cover. I saw the bird flying overhead and landed in a tree on a large hilltop just 100 metres in front of me, I managed to identify that its a ring ouzel because I am a very experienced birdwatcher and ornithologist. If you would like to know the specific location where I saw the ring ouzel it was at Xemxija at a Natura 2000 site. The bird didn't have any rings on it. The ring ouzel was an adult


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