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Glen Clunie Ring Ouzel Breeding Ecology Project

Summary of Results 1998-2004

Part 2

Laying date

Two peaks in laying are evident (Fig. 2). The first peak probably consists of first nests, while the second peak consists mainly of second nests, but also includes some re-lays of failed first nests. Mean laying dates of early nests have been fairly consistent, ranging from 26 April in 2002 to 30 April in 1999. Mean laying dates of late nests were about 34 days later than early nests, ranging from 28 May in 2001 to 4 June in 1999.

Clutch size

Clutch size was consistent over the seven-year period. Mean clutch size was 3.99 for early nests and 3.96 for late nests, with clutches of four the most common (Fig. 3). There was some evidence that late clutches were more variable in size, but no evidence that clutch size decreased later in the season.


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