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2022/2023 Sightings

Winter sightings (2023/2024)

24th February 2024 (Robert Simmonds)
St Albans
Single bird spotted 24/2/24 at 7am in Jersey farm (a residential area on the edge of St Albans)

13th February 2024 (Hilary Hughes)
Saltash, Devon
Single ring ouzel seen in garden at Coombe Road, Saltash PL12 4ER yesterday at 1530. Chased off by blackbirds but I had a good look at it through binoculars.

12th February 2024 (Ms.Ting Lan Chiee)
Rhossili, Swansea, West Glamorgan
A Leucistic blackbird spotted and photographed. See photo HERE

8th January 2024 (Brian Williams)
Newent, Bradfords Lane
Over the past 3-4 years we have regularly seen a male and female Ring Ouzel in the arboretum at Newent, Bradfords Lane GL18 1QN.

Autumn migration (2023)

21st November 2023 (Sara P)
Barnes, London
Singing from a tree close to the pond in Wyatt Drive, Barnes, London SW13 very close to London Wetlands Centre

7th November 2023 (Brian Leslie)
Langdale Cumbria
n a hawthorn by a path on the from Side Pike to the NT car Park above Blea Tarn in Langdale Cumbria.

7th November 2023 (Judith Day)
Glyndyfrdwy, Denbighshire
Approx 16.00 on upland between Bryneglwys and Glyndyfrdwy, Denbighshire. A pair of ring ouzels flying together in front of my car along the mountain road. Eventually they settled on a small tree so it was possible to see them clearly.

7th November 2023 (Wayne Tancock)
Trawden Lancashire
16 28. Ring ouzel see in garden of great hill farm Trawden Lancashire. 7. 11. 23

4th November 2023 (Charles Bennett)
Aylsham Norfolk
Feeding in my garden Aylsham Norfolk single bird mid afternoon

3rd November 2023 (Rob Hannam)
Wanlockhead, Dumfries & Galloway
Early morning. Spotted a male Ouzel briefly perching in a tree next to my garden. No idea why it was still around at this time of year

3rd November 2023 (Nicola McCreadie)
Askrigg, North Yorkshire
Dead. It flew into the living room window.

3rd November 2023 (Andrea H Goddard)
Monadhliath mountains, Cairngorms
Female ring ouzel alongside the main track dissecting Farr Estate in the Monadhliath mountains, nr Inverness. Bold and showy it was flying between some juniper bushes. Never seen one so late so presume it to be either a late fledgling or nesting adult which has been held back from migrating by the easterly winds and storms we've had of late.

30th October 2023 (Michael Peter Gordon)
Brighton and Hove, Sussex
I saw a male Ring Ouzel in Hove Park , City of Brighton and Hove , yesterday (Monday 30th October 2023) It alighted on a bird feeder hanging on a tree by the miniature railway .It did not feed . It was only in sight for about 10 seconds then it flew away .

28th October 2023 (Gavin Ratcliff)
East Preston, West Sussex
There has been a female ring ouzel in my garden on the 28/10/23 and 29/10/23.
I live in East Preston near Littlehampton in West Sussex.

28th October 2023 (Debbie Bailey)
Cadair Idris, Snowdonia
Male seen near the summit cairn of Cadair Idris in Snowdonia national park.

23rd October 2023 (Mark Tucker)
North Somerset!
Female ring ouzel feeding on Rowan tree berries in our front garden.

15th October 2023 (Victoria Gregory)
East Chiltington, Sussex
East Chiltington, Sussex BN7 3QS around 10am, seen with binnoculars in the garden

14th October 2023 (Mary Burman)
Soussons Forest, Dartmoor
Watched a pair which perched in one tree and then another near me, before flying off out of sight, so I had good views to observe these wonderful birds.
Just on the west side of Soussons Forest, Dartmoor Saturday 14th October 9.30am

11th October 2023 (Christopher Watson)
Whitelyne Common, Cumbria
Single bird spotted at Sighty Crag East of Whitelyne Common, Cumbria

8th October 2023 (Phil Clode)
Leven, Yorkshire
A male Ring Ouzel has been visiting my mother-in-law's garden in Leven, East Riding of Yorkshire frequently for the last few days. I have taken several photos of it eating berries in a Cotoneaster bush.

9th September 2023 (Nichola Duncan)
Kennacraig, Western Scotland
Juvenile female on rocks at Kennacraig ferry terminal . Could not take photo as was driving. Stance like a blackbird but such clear lines and markings on the wings especially.

Spring/Summer breeding 2023

5th August 2023 (Lyndsay Robertson)
Glencoe Scotland
Spotted on the summit of a Munro called Sgor na h-Ulaidh on 05/08/23 which we climbed from Glen Etive, near Glencoe. Managed to get a picture as it was only about 20/30 feet away from us.
Also saw a pair near the summit of Binnein Beag, a Munro in the Mamores range near Kinlochleven on 30/08/23.

18th July 2023 (Edward Ronnie)

Ballymote, Co Sligo Ireland
Seen by the Old Mill in Ballymote, Co Sligo Ireland. As I walk near there regularly will try for a picture

12th July 2023 (Jennie Gavin)
Loch Turret, Perth & Kinross
Perched on a rock alongside Loch Turret. Grid ref 56.4192174-3.9130945.
Seen in a similar place on previous years.

10th July 2023 (Chris Puddephatt)
Quinag, Northern Scotland
Male, female and "several" (two, maybe three) fledglings seen and photographed from a mountain path on Quinag, Northern Scotland.
Location is the junction of several footpaths with frequent walkers passing through or eating lunch.
I've seen birds here for at least 5 consecutive years.
Two photos of juvenile birds approaching adult plumage HERE

9th July 2023 (Paula Olde-Wolbers)
Isle of Skye
Ring Ouzel sighting location - Keppoch, Strathaird, Isle of Skye, Highland.
Grid ref: NG5618 and NG5619.
Two male and one female Ring Ouzels seen.

1st July 2023 (Denis McCardell)
Antrim Castle Park, NI
Sighted today, Sat July 1st at around 3pm. I was in Antrim Castle Park. In Antrim

25th June 2023 (Tom Supple)
Frankley Reservoir, West Midlands
In a field adjacent to Frankley Reservoir, West Midlands Grid Ref Latitude: 52° 25' 14.48" N Longitude: -1° 59' 54.56" W. The Ouzel was mostly foraging along the field hedgerow. We also saw ground feeding Wheatears on the same day.

24th June 2023 (Martin Ledigo)
Buttermere, Lake District
Male seen near the peak of Fleetwith pike, Buttermere. Carrying food in beak and foraging on the ground

22nd June 2023 (Andy Mackervoy)
Moscar Moor, Peak District
Around midday. Female in Jarvis Clough, Moscar Moor GR.SK216862. Landed in tree 20m from me. Got good sighting with binoculars, and she gave the distinctive 'trim phone' call. While I tried to get my camera out of my rucksac she flew directly over my head and disappeared east towards Stanage End.

11th June 2023 (Thomas Riley)
Torridon, Scotland
three birds observed on Beinn Alligin in Torridon

9th June 2023 (Thomas Riley)
Torridon, Scotland
Much singing in the area around Liathach in Torridon

11th June 2023 (Christine Bows)
Windermere, Lake District
I saw one in Windermere, Lake District on 11.06.2023 at 2200hrs. Flying low up and down along a small beck.

5th June 2023 (Kim Phillips)
Rosedale, N York Moors
GR 726 996. Group of 3 or 4 in flight, calling, heading up North Gill.

4th June 2023 (Stephen Hudson)
Trough of Bowland, Lancashire
Saw an Ouzel on Foundary Hill in the Trough of Bowland at 6.30 am.

30th May 2023 (Charles Pink)
Swaledale Yorkshire Dales
7 separate Ring Ouzel seen in Swaledale Yorkshire Dales . This included a pair with a single youngster which they seemed to be teaching to feed. Watched for a good half an hour.

29th May 2023 (Ben Anderson)
Pavey Ark, Great Langdale
A pair of ring ousals on Pavey Ark today, 29th May. Clearly feeding young, which appear (I saw one) to have fledged.

25th May 2023 (David Sykes)
Moel Cyngorion, Llanberis
On May 25th on the slopes of Moel Cyngorion overlooking Llanberis and adjacent to Snowdon.
About 20 metres away, beak full of worms.

25th May 2023 (Clive Turner)
Mickleden, Cumbria
Male spotted flying and on rocks on the Southern elevation of Black Crag, approaching Stake Pass (Mickleden, Cumbria) 25th May 2023.

24th May 2023 (Peter Wilson)
Burbage Valley, Near Sheffield
Right Leg ring colours. Silver Left Leg ring colours. One red and one yellow

24th May 2023 (Peter Wilson)
Burbage Valley, Near Sheffield
Right Leg ring colours. Silver Left Leg ring colours. Blue

24th May 2023 (Deborah Redmond)
Keswick, Cumbria
Two (probably a pair) spotted on a hike up to Lonscale Fell, near Keswick, Cumbria, 24/05/2023 at 09:55.
We have a nice photo of the more gregarious one, the other fluttered away. The Ring Ouzel we photographed was feeding from the earth in the pathway. It was very Blackbird like in manner.
Using OS mapping app - NY 27931 26907
East: 327930 North: 526906

23rd May 2023 (Mary Decelis)
Langdale Valley, Lake District
Male sighted on 23/05/23 on slopes below Pavey Ark in the Langdale valley. Approximate grid reference NY28612 07900.

21st May 2023 (Andrew Moxey)
Loch Cluanie, NW Highlands
Sunday May 21st, on Sgurr Nan Conbhairean, above Loch Cluanie. Seen on rocks and heard calling.

20th May 2023 (Meg Stark)
Gunnerside Gill, Swaledale
Male Ring Ouzel at Gunnerside Gill, Swaledale NY 93803 02013, flew downhill on left bank of beck, then upstream.

19th May 2023 (Antony Pooles)
Cutthroat Bridge, Peak District
A female food gathering near the bridge

19th May 2023 (Antony Pooles)
Derwent Edge, Peak District
A female food gathering below Whinstone Lee tor with a male singing from the tor and visiting a possible nest site in the rocks

17th May 2023 (Thomas Riley)
Glen Affick, Scotland
Ring Ouzel observed and heard calling on the slopes of Sgurr Nan Ceathreamhnan in Glen Affric NW Scotland

17th May 2023 (Lizzie Freeman)
Saw a male ring ouzel today (17/5/23) on Dartmoor, on the rocks just below Black tor. Grid reference OL28 566,895.

16th May 2023 (Gilian Goaten)
Honister, Lake District
Half a mile up the foot path from Honister to Dale Head on 16th May 2023. One male ring ouzel.

12th May 2023 (Alistair Moulstone)
Spotted a male and female near the bottom end of the Cairgorms funicular railway on the 12th May 2023. I have photos that I took and posted in Facebook Groups.

12th May 2023 (Alistair Moulstone)
Cairngorms, Scotland
Spotted a male and female near the bottom end of the Cairgorms funicular railway on the 12th May 2023. I have photos that I took and posted in Facebook Groups

11th May 2023 (Catherine Collins)
Ladybank, Fife
Female Ring Ouzel on top of a garden birch tree in Ladybank, Fife (Grid Ref NO304101) on 11.05.23 at 9.30am. Sat for c.15 minutes in morning sunshine. Identified by thrush-like size, slim build, colour & scale-like feather patterns, beak with yellow streak, pale neck band and 'head pointing up' stance.

7th May 2023 (Rachel Nimmo)
Meall Doire Faid, NW Highlands Scotland
Single male ring ouzel spotted 7/5/23
Grid ref approx NH 223 796, on the slope of Meall Doire Faid. Initially close to the stalker's path then it flew up the slope and was running along the ground between the rocks.

1st May 2023 (Jim Weaver)
Stanage, Derbys
Broken Buttress at Stanage (near The Causeway). Grid ref: SK 23345 84928. I was climbing there today (1/5/23) and saw a Ring Ouzel feeding in the area just before 6pm. It didn't give a warning call so I assume no nest but it remained in the area for 5 mins or so.

Early Arrivals 2023

29th April 2023 (Mike Vickers)
Burbage Edge, Derbys
Date 29/04/23 Female Location. Burbage Edge, Derbys Grid Reference SK 266822 Right Leg ring silver metal. Left Leg ring Red over yellow. Other comments : She was with an un-ringed male. They were being disturbed by climbers in the immediate vicinity. A National Park should surely restrict climbing in the breeding season on sites where these declining species nest !

27th April 2023 (Jay Taylor)
Stanage, Peak Dsitrict
Definitely 1, possibly 2 (of what looked like ring ouzels) flying around at Stanage plantation early Thursday morning, in the DIY buttress area.

26th April 2023 (Adam Brennan)
Coniston Old Man. Lake District
Spotted around 4 or 5 along the route from Levers Water in the cliffs of Brim Fell, Coniston Old Man. Easting 328043, Northing 498741. On the 26th April 2023. Took a photo of one clear to identify and two in flight. Can provide.

24th April 2023 (Bridget Hodgkinson)
Malvern Hills, Herefordshire/Worcestershire
At least 10 on North Hill, of the Malvern Hills this morning. They were seen yesterday there too.

21st April 2023 (Robert Dawson)
Murton Pike, North Pennines
Male on lower slope of Murton Pike, North Pennines, Cumbria (NY7322) today.

20th April 2023 (Peter Freeman)
I saw, and photographed, a Ring Ouzel on Dartmoor. Thursday 20/4/23, perched high on an oak.

18th April 2023 (Lesley Burrow)
Llyn Eigiau, Snowdonia
Tuesday 18/04/2023 at 10.30 am. Above the footpath by Llyn Eigiau Snowdonia
Grid reference SH72308 64511
Single bird seen perched on rock about 20 metres away. Typical song heard and identified through binoculars with typical white throat markings. No ring seen on leg.

17th April 2023 (Annette McGuigan)
Meall Beag, Nevis Range, Scotlamd
Spotted today (17/04/23) while walking to the Meall Beag Viewpoint (2066ft). Have picture.

17th April 2023 (Robert Dawson)
Cumbria, North Pennines
4 individuals feeding together on south slope of Flagdaw, Knock, Cumbria in North Pennines (NY6928) on 17/4/23. Quite distant but at least 2 males.

15th April 2023 (A J Gifford)
Sheringham, Norfolk
Saw one bird this afternoon, Saturday 15th April on top of bushes on the edge of sandy cliffs between Sheringham and Weybourne, north Norfolk, as we walked along the sandy coastal path

15th April 2023 (A Thelwall)
Newbury, Berkshire
Seen in Conifer Crest, Wash Common, Newbury, Berkshire at approx 18.30 this evening. Thought it was just a blackbird at first but my daughter commented on the white. Sadly didn’t get a photo as it flew off.

14th April 2023 (Chris Puddephatt)
Beinn an Eoin, Ullapool.
One male in northern Scotland today
On the very top of a mountain called Beinn an Eoin, (at 619m), which is west of Ullapool.
GR 10535 06447
I have a photo of it; poor quality due to zoom & crop, but fine for identification

14th April 2023 (David Jordan)
Langadale, Lake District
2 male Ring Ouzels seen at two separate locations around Stickle Tarn area, Langadale on Friday 14th April.

10th April 2023 (Danny Harris)
Woodhurst, Cambs
Spotted in the field behind our house in Woodhurst, Cambs. PE28 3BN.
We did manage a video taken via the iPhone through binoculars

9th April 2023 (Robert Hannam)
Mennock Pass, Wanlockhead, Scotland
B797 Mennock Pass road. NS 8676110. Male on slopes of Middle Moor. First sighting of 2023.

8th April 2023 (Thomas Riley)
Bamford Edge, Peak District
Male Ring Ouzel on Bamford Edge in the Peak District on 08/04/2023

5th April 2023 (Antony Pooles)
Derwent Edge, Peak District
3 (2 males) on Derwent Edge (early am) near Whinstone Lee Tor with possibly the same 2 males having a territorial dispute later above Ladybower Wood.
Also a male and female above Moscar House Farm feeding near the brook that runs down to Cutthroat Bridge (both birds unringed) - late am

2nd April 2023 (Tom Brunt)
Penyghent, North Yorkshire
Male seen at (and occasionally in) Hull Pot, Penyghent (grid reference 823745). Flying, singing loudly (vey impressive with the acoustics of the pot hole) and perching in a tree on the rim of the pot.

1st April 2023 (Marc Stirrup)
Buttermere, Lake District
NY204143 Fleetwith Edge, Buttermere. Male bird heard calling, then observed from path, on rocky rib at ~550m on Warnscale (South) side of ridge.


Winter sightings (2022/2023)

22nd February 2023 (Paul St Pierre)
North Devon coast
Single adult Ouzel seen on North Devon coast.

30th January 2023 (Stephanie Cornwell)
Pen y Fan, Brecon Beacons
Single male, on lower slope of Pen y Fan on 30th January 2023, approx grid ref SO0224

18th January 2023 (Denise Churchill)
Gotherington, Gloucestershire
Seen in my garden at about 4pm, sitting on the grass but it's white neck bar was clear and it's body shape was different to a blackbird. It's behaviour was different too.
The garden is in Gotherington, Gloucestershire (GL52) bordering on fields and hills. An unusual sighting at this time of year and in this location.

9th January 2023 (Georgs Hall/Martin George)
North Shropshire
A Ring Ouzel is currently over wintering in North Shropshire. See THESE superb photos taken by Geoff Hall of the bird feeding on meal worms.

22nd December 2022 (Edwin Smyth)
Connemara, County Galway
Ring Ouzel living in my back garden. I first noticed him a month ago but I see him on a daily basis since then.
Location: Camus, Connemara, County Galway..

21st December 2022 (Peter Todd)
Petworth West Sussex
Saw a lone ring ouzel in Old Coulsdon Surrey, by Purely John Fisher rugby club, at 15.30 on 21st December! Never seen one before.

17th December 2022 (Gill Felus)
Petworth West Sussex
Female bird feeding on ground with several Blackbirds, Redwing, Fieldfare, Thrush and with other smaller garden birds on my feeders.
I live in a small cottage in Petworth. Close to The Shimmings Valley and Petworth Park and with farmland close by. The garden is a mixture of flower beds with lawn and surrounded on 2 sides by bushes And an old wall on the other side with picket fencing on part. My neighbour has various tall bushes and trees bordering my garden .where some of my feeders are placed.
I also put out various foods for the birds on the ground particularly in this cold weather including:- Sunflower hearts, apples, pears, cooked potatoes, meal worms, hard boiled eggs, granary bread and occasional cake.
I have seen Ring Ouzels before which is why I could identify this female although I was surprised to see her. The garden was particularly busy at about 12 to 2 pm today with various, presumably, migrating visitors which delighted me, of course.
Unfortunately I was unable to take a photo of her. It was interesting to see all those different species appearing today. I knew there was a Fieldfare about but I certainly wasn't aware of the Ring Ouzel before today.
I will continue to put out food for the ground feeders as necessary and hope that at least some of the visitors return especially if we have some more cold weather.
Good luck with the survey. I will be interested to learn of the results.

13th-15th December 2022 (Robert Mcleod)
Drumnadrochit, Scotland
Female ring ouzel seen on days 13 to 15 Dec in Drumnadrochit, Scotland.
Had a few trips out to see this as Ive never seen one here at this time of year before.

14th December 2022 (Sonia Butler)
Poole, Dorset
The ring ouzel arrived in our garden this morning and has been around all day eating
apples, he is still here now. I have a picture but my i pad is old and doesny take good pictures

Autumn migration (2022)

20th November 2022 (Sharon Bryce-Wilding)
Yanat Valley, Penybontfawr, Powys
Saw a Ring Ouzel for the first time today when it landed on the fence. In the Tanat Valley at Penybontfawr in Powys

8th November 2022 (Ceri Jones)
Elan Valley
I watched a group of Ring Ou\els for 2 days feeding in Rowan tree with Fieldfair. There were a lot of young Ouzles too. At one time we had 20 plus in the same tree.
See photos HERE

Comment by James Andeson (ROSG)
The Elan valley lies midway between ouzel breeding areas in Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons. My guess is that these ouzels may have been heading south from Snowdonia or even further afield such as the Lake District or Scotland. The likelihood is that the ouzels will cross over the Westcountry and the Channel to Brittany, all in one night, before heading down to the Pyrenees and on to the Atlas Mountains in NW Africa. They’ll spend the winter there feeding mainly on juniper berries before heading north in March - they are one of the early arrivals from Africa. Many thanks for going to the trouble of sending in the report which helps to build up the overall picture

6th November 2022 (Marion Fearnley)
South Wales
Live in South Wales, surrounded by woodlands, a stream and rocky outcrops near by. Sighted for last two days sitting on fence and feeding in neighbours garden. Distinctive neck markings . Beautiful creature.

3rd November 2022 (Tim Melling)
Peak District, Derbyshire
Thought you might be interested to hear that I was out walking in the Peak District this morning and found two Ring Ouzels feeding on Rowans and Hawthorns, among numerous Blackbirds. I think these might be my latest.
See photo HERE

25th September 2022 (Guillermo Rodriguez Lazaro)
Santander, Northern Spain
On the morning of 25 September 2022 Guillermo Rodriguez Lazaro saw and photographed a juvenile Ring Ouzel with colour rings in Santander, Northern Spain. He said Ring Ouzel is quite scarce there as migrant and that the bird was seen at a headland, clearly arrived during the night.
See photo HERE
Innes Sim picks up the story….
2 previous sightings of chicks from Glen Clunie, both in 2013, were on 15 and 27 October in Isles of Scilly and Portland, Dorset, respectively. Data from 2 tagged birds in 2018 showed that they left Glen Clunie on 2 and 5 October. So, this bird seems to have left the UK unusually early?
Ringed as a chick on 17 May 2022 from a brood of 5, the smallest of them but not a runt. All chicks fledged around 21 May. The same pair had a second nest around 300m away and reared a brood of 3, all of which fledged around 2 July. Both adults were trapped and fitted with GPS tags. The nest site (near the ski centre) has been very regularly used since we started the monitoring in 1998.

18th September 2022 (Marc Stirrup)
Wasdale, Lake District
18/09/22 NY214085 Piers Gill, Wasdale. At least 1 (possibly 2) birds seen and heard in and around the Gill, probably feeding on rowan berries.

14th September 2022 (Mich Holman)
Hove, Sussex
Pair male and female. In my back garden 10.45 am. Feeding onsurface or just below surface of lawn

Spring/Summer breeding 2022

28th August 2022 (Marc Stirrup)
28/08/22 ~10.30hrs NH987042 Fiacaill Coire an t-Sneachda, Cairngorm. Juvenile birds sighted on ridge took off westwards towards Lurcher’s Crag, eventually forming a flock >12 birds.
More birds (~3?) including adult male seen and heard shortly afterwards at head of Coire NH991031

28th July 2022 (Victoria Banner)
St Ives, Cornwall
Seen on telegraph wire in Towednack Lane, St Ives, Cornwall. Grid ref: SW50169 39413 approx. I heard a call I didn't recognise, I looked up and saw the bird.

1st July 2022 (Paul and Emma Starsmore)
Middleton in Teesdale
Nr. Hamsterley forest - Middleton in Teesdale. Male and two females seen in Sharnberry Gill, as the path widens into a lay by on the track down to the old quarry works. Seen flying around the Gill and settling on trees to the right just past a concrete building (right hand side) at 15:00 hrs on 1st July 2022.
Grid ref. 00844/ 30756 (approx)

27th June 2022 (Marlene Burdett-May)
Dam Mill, Codsall, Wolverhampton
We spotted both male and female ring ouzels today 27.6.2022 male in a large tree in meadow, and female to our right in a tree from our garden room/hide in Coniston Road looking towards Dam Mill Codsall.

25th June 2022 (Alexandra Newman)
Ennerdale, Lake District
Sighted in Lake District on upper part of Pillar walking up from Ennerdale . Male and female seen.

23rd June 2022 (Alan Ellis)
St Just, Cornwall
In the old quarry below Kenidjack Castle, nr St Just, Cornwall. grid ref: sw 354 327

20th June 2022 (Meg Stark)
Penyghent, North Yorks
Male seen flying over shakehole containing Hunt and Shrapnel Pots near Penyghent.
SD 82635 74040

19th June 2022 (Bob Wade)
Reeth, North Yorks
Walking across the north yorks Moors between keld and Reeth we saw at least 6 pairs today. Near the Old Gang lead mine and Surrender bridge we saw around 4 pairs.

16th June 2022 (Gareth Bickerdike)
Wasdale Head, Cumbria
Yewbarrow. 2 Ring Ouzels spotted in flight chasing each other on summit plateau around 10.30am on 16th June '22

16th June 2022 (Meg Stark)
Penyghent, North Yorks
Male seen flying up a small gorge on the flanks of Plover Hill, Penyghent, SD 854 736

12th June 2022 (Meg Stark)
Gunnerside Gill, Swaledale
12th June 2022, male seen in upper Gunnerside Gill, near Eweleap Scar. SD 939 023
and another 200m downstream. Possibly the same bird but I don't think so.

8th June 2022 (Anne White)
Gunnerside Ghyl, Swaledale
1 male Ring Ouzel sighted on upper part of Gunnerside Ghyl in Swaledale adjacent to disused Industrial Smelting Building at Middle Bank

7th June 2022 (MARK SIMON WILSON)
Howgill Fells, South Lakeland
Male Ring Ouzel seen at Cautley Spout, Howgill Fells, South Lakeland on Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 11.47am. Grid Ref SD 67999742 sat on a boulder preening above the waterfalls. Heather and Bilberry bushes in immediate area, shorter grass in valley below.

7th June 2022 (Tom Brunt)
Langsett Moors, Peak District
Grid reference SK 209986 1 ring ouzel seen (and heard)
Grid reference SK 175993 2 ring ouzels seen (and heard, one calling loudly and repeatedly)

5th June 2022 (Wendy Pawley)
Sway, New Forest
On the ground , heather and gorse , New Forest near Sway. Grid ref 274995.

3rd June 2022 (Pete Curran)
Scar House, North Yorks
Four stunning photos of adults and fledglings taken by Pete Curren in early June 2022 at Scar House Reservoir, North Yorks.

3rd June 2022 (Timothy Rowley)
Dane Bower Quarry, Derbyshire
Pair of Ring Ouzel at Dane Bower Quarry on the Derbyshire/Cheshire boarder

3rd June 2022 (Simon James)
Carn Menyn, Pembrokeshire
1 juvenile ring ouzel spotted today (03/06/22) at Carn Menyn in the preseli hills pembrokeshire

31st May 2022 (Paul Jones)
North Norfolk
North Norfolk. Male ring ouzel feeding.

30th May 2022 (Rob Pieroni)
Patterdale, Lake District
Yesterday, 30/4/22. Location, high the pathed descent from St Sunday Crag towards Patterdale, Lake District. We were alerted by its birdcall and stopped to look. We observed for a few minutes but have no photos, sorry. This appears to tie in with a reported sighting on Fairfield last year.

28th May 2022 (David Godfrey)
Pinnacle Ridge, Lake District
28/5/22 about 3pm on Pinnacle Ridge, St Sunday Crag NY368138
Landed briefly on one of the pinnacles, spotted me and flew east with 'cluck' call.

29th May 2022 (Jim Salmon)
Buttermere, Cumbria
On the top of Melbreak, Buttermere, Cumbria. Single male Ring Ouzel in flight. Late morning 29th May 2022.

28th May 2022 (Sheila Pankhurst)
Wasdale Head, Cumbria
Cumbria, near Wasdale Head, 28th May. Four or five birds seen/heard near the summits of Yewbarrow and Red Pike between 2pm and 6pm. Pair in rowan tree on the side of Bell Rib, male singing. Other sightings all of single male birds, feeding on the ground and/or perched on rocks calling.

28th May 2022 (Dave Skirvin)
Alport Castle, Peak District
Male spotted at Alport Castles in the Peak District on Sunday May 28th. Grid reference: SK145910

25th May 2022 (Bradley Reed)
Pen yr Ole Wen, Snowdonia
Spotted around 5pm 25/05/2022 on the ridge East ridge of Pen yr ole wen at about 750m height (SH 662 618). Spotted the distinctive ring under the 'chin' and the 2 tone chirp.

24th May 2022 (Alan Cooper)
Isle of Skye
At top of cliffs above loch langaig Isle of Skye. Viewed twice in different places on the cliff top and it was calling loudly. Viewed 24/5/2022 about 6pm clearly from footpath below with Canon 12x10 stabilizing binoculars.

23rd May 2022 (Lance Miller)
Isle of Skye
Male ring ouzel
The Quiraing, Isle of Skye
Grid ref NG 448688

22nd May 2022 (Linda Elliott)
Scottish Borders
Seen on 22 May 2022 around hedge dividing fields near Chirnside, Scottish Borders

22nd May 2022 (Tom Brunt)
Swaledale, North Yorks
3 ring ouzels seen on May 22 in Gunnerside Gill, Swaledale. All in the upper part of the valley (grid reference 936018).

20th May 2022 (Rob Sidwell)
Wasdale, Cumbria
Single bird seen calling on summit of Yewbarrow , Wasdale, Cumbria May 20th 2022.

19th May 2022 (Tom Bailey)
Rosthwaite, Cumbria
May 19th, 2022. Mid afternoon
Single Ring Ouzel seen and heard calling in amongst rocks and vegetation (juniper?) at the top of Tongue Gill leading down from High Spy (Maiden Moor) towards Castle Crag nr. Rosthwaite, Cumbria.

13th May 2022 (Wendy Allison)
Llanberis, Gwynedd
Male observed at Dinorwic quarry, Llanberis, Gwynedd on Friday 13th May during the evening. He was perched on a rock calling for several minutes. A return call was heard but the bird wasn’t seen so it’s not possible to identify if it was male or female. A magical experience listening to the call echoing round the old quarry.

12th May 2022 (Anna Berry)
Brighton, West Sussex
Male ring ouzel 6am this morning 12.5.22 on Hollingbury Golf course in Brighton


Early Arrivals 2022

30th April 2022 (Jenny Carley)
Framlingham Suffolk
Male Ring Ouzel on my front lawn in Framlingham Suffolk IP13 9 at 1900 hrs Saturday 30 April 2022. Stayed about 15 minutes and found a couple of earthworms whilst poking about in the short grass. A first time spot for me!

30th April 2022 (Alex Westenberger)
Cow Green Reservoir
Male and female seen copulating and gathering nesting material at Cauldron Snout waterfall south of Cow Green Reservoir. Possibly more than one male present.

29th April 2022 (Helen Roberts)
High Peak, Derbyshire
Spotted yesterday (9am 28 Apr 22) in Combes, High Peak, Derbyshire. Appeared to be being chased by 2 crows/jackdaws

29th April 2022 (Sally Johnston)
Woolacombe Down
Possibly 2 females seen between Marine Drive and Woolacombe Down. Definitely not blackbirds!

28th April 2022 (Lynn Thomson)
Ullapool, Ross-shire
Male Ring Ouzel sighted on 28th April 2022 afternoon on the north east aspect of Beinn Enaiglair mountain near Ullapool, Ross-shire. Bird sighted on craggy area above hill path as it broke cover & flew off. Approx grid ref 232811.

28th April 2022 (Paul Glynn)
Starbotton, Upper Wharfedale
2 pairs above Starbotton in Upper Wharfedale at 17:50 on 28.4.22

28th April 2022 (Susan Jesudason)
mid Norfolk
24-28 April 2022 A male ring ouzel has been living in our garden for the past three or four days. There may be a female as well but that is unconfirmed. They seemed to arrive with a flock of fieldfare although that could be a coincidence. Our garden is in mid Norfolk and surrounded by farms.

26th April 2022 (James Park)
Kent/East Sussex border
Rolvenden Layne. Border of Kent and East Sussex
Sighted single male for two consecutive days in the garden.

26th April 2022 (Jacqui Yard)
East Knapton, North Yorkshire
Spotted a female Ring Ouzel today in our garden. First ever sighting, had to look it up.
We are in North Yorkshire, YO17 8HZ.
Hope she find her way to wherever she should be.

25th April 2022 (Marian Matthews)
Lonscale Crags, Keswick
Male and female ring ouzel on Monday 25th April . About midday.
Bottom of Roughten gill ( opposite Lonscale Crags, Keswick.)
The male was sitting on the corner of a disused building for some minutes. It then flew away and the female arrived.
I have a very poor photo ( phone camera) but I had binoculars fortunately.

25th April 2022 (John Sedgwick)
Carrock Fell, Cumbria
2 pairs amongst boulders at the foot of Carrock Fell, Cumbria, approx 1km north of Mosedale. Both males singing. Grid Ref: NY 35335 33762.

25th April 2022 (Nigel Barratt)
Neatishead, Norfolk
Friends of ours at Neatishead in Norfolk - both very reliable observers - reported a male on their farm track and then in their garden this morning.
I joked they must be unique in having a garden record for both Swallowtail butterfly and Ring Ouzel!

24th April 2022 (Robert Hannam)
Dumfries & Galloway
B797 Mennock Pass road Dumfries & Galloway. NS 871106. Male seen 16/04/22 at 7.30am. Heard singing faintly on previous days. The only sighting so far this year.

20th April 2022 (Ronald Harrison)
Middleton In Teesdale
Pair of ringouzels spotted a half mile down from Cauldron Snout in Middleton In Teesdale. Seen on 20 th April 2022.

20th April 2022 (Charles Pink)
Quairang , Skye
Female on the Quairang , Skye

18th April 2022 (Peter Koscianski)
Calf Hey Reservoir, Lancashire
Male seen Monday, April 18, 2.30pm, at Haslingden Grane near Calf Hey Reservoir, along section of the Rossendale Way. Grid reference 742 227. Sunny, dry, but cool conditions. Remote hillside/moorland location.

18th April 2022 (Maria Macklin)
Rugeley, Staffordshire
Ring Ouzel. Seen 18th April 7pm stopped off at bird bath for drink and a dip.
Grid ref... SK 03418 19188

17th April 2022 (Timothy Rowley)
Cut Throat Bridge, Derbyshire
At least one pair of Ring Ouzel around Cut Throat Bridge in Derbyshire today were around the stream coming off the moor.

17th April 2022 (Craig Hewlett)
Tobermory, Isle of Mull
I heard a very unusual call(to me that is) high in a treetop in Tobermorey. The bird looked like a blackbird but had a white chest. I too a very bad photograph.When we returned from our walk I found the bird in my observer book of birds and then checked images on the Internet. Very exciting for me - especially after my chough sitings in Cornwall last tear.

16th April 2022 (Robert Hannam)
Mennock Pass, Dumfries & Galloway
B797 Mennock Pass road Dumfries & Galloway. NS 871106. Male seen 16/04/22 at 7.30am. Heard singing faintly on previous days. The only sighting so far this year.

16th April 2022 (Sheila Pankhurst)
Fairfield, Cumbria
Cumbria, Fairfield- single male bird singing repeatedly , 7.30 -8.00pm approx, Sat 16th April. below Cofa Pike. Lovely to hear, frustratingly couldn’t spot the bird but approx grid location from the sound 358 123.

16th April 2022 (Bill Harker)
Arkengarthdale, N Yorks
I have seen a male and female flying together and a solitary male on a wall top, today (16/04/2022) at the head of Fore Gill, Arkengarthdale, (Grid Ref. NY 9905 01008)

15th April 2022 (Sarah Stephens)
The Roaches, Staffordshire
Mixture of heathland and woods. Pair sighted in a tree.

14th April 2022 (Peter Cast)
Hathersage Moor, Peak District
April 14th, 2022 around 6.30 pm.
A flock/ gathering of ring ousels around the northern flanks of Carl Wark fort on Hathersage Moor in the Peak District.
There were at least 12 individuals but an accurate count was impossible as they were actively shifting around within that location. Interestingly they seemed to be primarily males with only one certain female observed throughout our 15 minute observation period.

13th April 2022 (Colin Melton)
Marsham, Norfolk
Male ring ouzel on my back lawn for the whole afternoon, still there at dusk, Backing
on to open farm land. Between Marsham and Buxton Norfolk nr105pf. 13 4 22.

13th April 2022 (Colin Gilbert)
Malmsmead, Devon/Somerset border
One bird seen today at Cloud Farm NT campsite, Malmsmead, Devon/Somerset border , Exmoor. Looked like the local vicar with his starched white collar. 😉

12th April 2022 (Annette Clear)
Bognor Regis, Sussex
In our back garden in Rose Green near Bognor Regis today. Not flying, but hopping to cover in the lee of the house. Possibly injured? Possibly juvenile?
I can send you pictures.

12th April 2022 (Robert More)
East Norfolk
Pair of Ring Ouzels in our garden in East Norfolk this morning.

11th April 2022 (Jonathan Crawford)
Shoreham, West Sussex
Mill Hill Shoreham, TQ 21117 07297. One male being showy and one, possibly two females amongst the blackbirds.

10th April 2022 (Pam Armstrong)
Hexham and Haltwhistle
10 April 2022. 91 degrees west, 50 degrees north, on OS Landranger Map, Hexham and Haltwhistle. From the public footpath, we saw a ring ouzel singing from a solitary tree on Newbiggin Fell, between Baybridge picnic area and Riddlehamhope Hall (now demolished).

10th April 2022 (Jonathan Jordan)
Cutthroat Bridge, Derbyshire
Male and female together seen in Highshaw Clough, near Cutthroat Bridge, Derbyshire, SK214876, early afternoon 10 April 2022.
Also a male seen earlier in the day a bit further west, near SK203874.

8th April 2022 (Ryan Allport)
Ladybower reservoir, Derbyshire
Peak District. White Tor near Ladybower reservoir.
Grid reference: SK 19889 88821

2nd April 2022 (Shona MacDonald)
Wasdale, Cumbria
Male seen singing (not in alarm) on rocks at start of climb up Pillar (Green Cove) in Wasdale, Cumbria on a cold morning.
April 2nd around 10:30am
Approx grid reference from OS map English Lakes NW sheet
54 deg 29.5' N
03 deg 16.2' W

1st April 2022 (Clare Moffatt)
Hailsham East Sussex
Sitting on my fence in Hailsham East Sussex

29th March 2022 (Janet Oswald)
Cadair Idris, Gwynedd, Wales
Today 29/03/2022 I walked up the Pony Path to the summit of Cadair Idris in Gwynedd, Wales. Half way up, in the grassland we watched a pair of Ring Ouzels. We sat 20ft away from them. I am beyond excited at this!
I have no photos as proof, as I didn't want to move, just wanted to watch them.
Hope this information helps your study.

29th March 2022 (Elizabeth Laing)
Cairngorm Ski Centre
Male ring ouzel sighted on edge of path leading from Cairngorm Ski Centre to Ben Macdui, about a half mile from Centre.

29th March 2022 (Helen Edworthy)
Cherton Fitzpaine, Devon
Seen in a hedge off Hollywater Road about 100 metres west of the last buildings in the west of the village (Grid ref. SS 86474 06250). Quite a brief glimpse before it flew away - A leucistic blackbird is a possibility but I think it was an ouzel.

22nd March 2022 (Nick Baker)
Gheal Carn, Cairgorms
I've moved.... now live in the Cairngorms. Looking forward to a few more ouzels than I've been used to! I heard of a Ring Ouzel that was seen on Gheal Carn yesterday - no other details other than it was singing!

20th March 2022 (Timothy Burton)
Hudeshope Beck, Teesdale
2 males feeding together in a sheep field at Hudeshope Beck on 20.03.2022. Video taken.

19th March 2022 (Timothy Burton)
Great Eggleshope Beck, Durham.
Female at top end of Great Eggleshope Beck in Durham.

18th March 2022 (Bryan Pinchen)
Keyhaven, Hampshire
Male, initially heard doing the 'chack' call once deep within a small gorse bush only a couple of yards from me, before it flew out and across fields and out of sight, 09.05 GMT, Friday 18th March 2022. Didn't manage to find it again.
Presumably fresh in that morning, it had been a good sunrise but within two hours a light mist had descended.
In fields and scrub edge to the east of Keyhaven village, Hampshire, SZ311923.
So nice to be reporting one again! keep up the excellent work you do on this species.

15th March 2022 (Vic Fairbrother)
First ouzel of the year back in Rosedale yesterday 15th March - six days earlier than previous first arrival.

12th March 2022 (Timothy Burton)
Stanhope Burn, Bishop Auckland
Date 12.03.2022. Male. Location Stanhope Burn. Grid Reference NY9842.
Right Leg ring colour Silver. Left Leg ring colour Orange. This bird had very striking white markings on its nape.


Winter sightings (2021/2022)

10th February 2022 (Patricia Ellerker)
Yelverton, Dartmoor
I saw a strange bird hopping along the edge of my garden, just after Christmas...I have seen this bird several times since...the most recent siting being on my garage roof is definitely a Ringed Ouzel...I live in Yelverton. PL20 6BJ, on the very edge of Dartmoor....

9th February 2022 (Martin Lodge)
Warsash, Southampton
A single Ring Ouzel has been a resident here at Warsash Maritime Academy throughout the Autumn 2021 to date. Two were seen in the early Autumn however. My staff and fire-fighter students are treated to it's song each morning. I have still been unable to get a clear photograph of it but will continue to try.

5th February 2022 (Sian Williams)
Lichfield, Staffordshire
A single male ring ouzel spotted in a tree above the hedge just past the Three Tuns pub on Walsall Road, west of Lichfield in Staffordshire, around 11.30am

17th January 2022 (Paul Bolton)
Dogsthorpe, Cambs
Well I wasn’t expecting to find one of these this morning. A male Ring Ouzel at the Star Pit, Dogsthorpe, Cambs. Last seen by myself around 11:15 but seen subsequently by others.

14th January 2022 (Dan Evans)
Cardiff, Wales
I have some not great photos of a ring ouzel at Ashgrove fields, Fairwater Rugby Club , Cardiff. Spotted a few days ago and today 14/01/22 also

6th January 2022 (Thomas McGowan)
Dunfermline, Fife
Spotted what I think was a ring ouzel. It was confirmed by pictures on the net. Location was Oakley, Dunfermline, Fife.

5th January 2022 (Alastair Pingram)
Ruthin, North Wales
I was dropping my son off at Llysfasi agricultural college Ruthin this morning 05/01/22 at 08:55
On a fence post was a female Ring Ouzel

12th December 2021 (Ieuan Wyn - Archived sightings of summer breeding birds in Snowdonia)
Bethesda, Gwynedd
2017 - on a holly tree in the garden of Talgarreg, Ffordd Carneddi, Bethesda, Gwynedd LL57 3SG.
2020 - on a rock at the bottom of Cwm Coch, Nant Ffrancon, Bethesda, Gwynedd (between Blaen y Nant and Pentre - post code: LL57 3DQ).
When I was in my teens in the 1960s, accompanying two local fishermen on the Carneddau side of Llyn Ogwen, we saw a ring ouzel springing from rock to rock calling out alarmingly. They refered to it as the Aderyn Llwynog and said that a fox was not far off. That's when I came to know what it's local name was. I had seen it once in the 1950s near Pont Waun above the village of Gerlan on the mountain road towards the Carneddau. I then saw one in 1989 in Cwm Bychan above Beddgelert.

10th December 2021 (Lee Schofield)
Lorton, Lake District
A friend spotted this ring ouzel earlier today near Lorton, in the Lakes. Thought it was late enough that you’d be interested.
See photo HERE

5th December 2021 (Mary Mackenzie)
Bonnyrigg near Edinburgh
Bird which matched ring ouzel markings spotted in garden this morning, 5/12/21.

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